Hair loss is one of the most common concerns in the population. And, despite what is believed, it is not always a symptom of disease. It should be noted that hair loss is not the same as alopecia, the latter is a problem that affects, above all, men when they reach adulthood.

Now, there is normal hair loss on a daily basis. This means that it is normal for between 100 and 200 hairs to fall out every day, as this is part of cell regeneration. Thus, it is understood that the hair is usually renewed in its entirety every 6 months.

When fall arrives in the northern hemisphere, hair loss tends to be a bit higher. For this reason, many people seek to take care of their hair even more during this season. Now, what is really convenient is to nourish and strengthen the hair throughout the year, to promote its growth.

Factors that affect hair loss
There are several factors that can significantly affect hair loss. This includes life habits (such as eating), rest, stress management, among others. When these are the reasons, the fall stops once the corrective measures are taken.

A diet that is poor in nutrients and proteins will not benefit the body at all, which causes weakness in the nails, hair, etc. Hence the importance of leading a healthy and coherent lifestyle, in every sense.